Timber garden fence panelling is a great way to create an aesthetically pleasing fence that not only looks good, but protects your property and saves you money. This type of fencing does more than just keep people out; it also prevents animals from entering your property and keeps them safe. Garden fences are typically constructed with a wood frame or metal mesh attached to the top for added strength. There are many different styles, colors, sizes, shapes and textures available on the market today so finding one that suits your needs shouldn’t be difficult. If you’re looking for something affordable yet durable then wooden panels may be right for you!
The most common type of fencing used to divide properties is wooden panel fencing. You can choose from closeboard or overlap styles. This type of fence is easy to erect, and it is often the most affordable. However, like all outdoor wooden structures over time, it will require some maintenance.
A timber panel fence is made up of posts and panels. These panels are usually 1830mm x1830mm (6ftx6ft), but they can be made in other sizes and heights. You can also cut panels to your specifications. You can use either 100x100mm (4×4) or 75x75mm (3×3) sections. Concreted into the ground to a depth of approximately 600mm. Also works well with slotted concrete posts
A gravel board can be placed between the posts, but it is not necessary. This will prevent the fence panel’s contact with the ground and increase its life expectancy (10 years). Concrete gravel boards and concrete posts can be used to increase the lifespan of panel fencing. Because these products have a long life expectancy, future costs for replacing timber components will be significantly lower. Only the panels will need to be replaced.
Standard overlap panels can be dip treated only. Closeboard panels can be tanalized or dip-treated only.
Assistance & Advice
Our estimators are happy to help you and offer advice if you are interested in installing close board fencing on your property. They will also be happy to provide a free quote for supply or installation on your property. Below are a few examples of our panel fencing, but there are many other options.
If you’ve been considering a fence for your garden, wooden fencing is an excellent choice. Our team of experts can help you decide which type of fence would work best in your yard and what materials to use. Whether it’s picket fencing or slat-style panels, we have the expertise and experience necessary to create a beautiful design that will suit both your needs and budget. We also offer installation services so if you don’t want to do any heavy lifting yourself, just give us a call! Contact our team today for more information about how we can assist with all of your wood paneling needs.



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