Picket fencing is a traditional type of fence made from wooden picket pales attached to a rail. There are gaps between the pickets to create a delineation (or demarcation) fence. Picket fencing is typically installed around front gardens. It improves security and appearance of a property by providing good lines of sight to the house. This stylish design is a popular choice for marking boundaries or allowing light through. It has been in use for many years and is popular worldwide.

Picket fencing (or palisade fencing as it’s sometimes called) blends in with almost any garden, urban or rural, small or large. It is an excellent choice for protecting garden features like ponds and swimming pools, without being too intimidating or blocking views.

Picket fences are available in two styles: rounded or pointed tops. We can build them from individual rails, posts and pales, or pre-constructed picket fencing panels that slide into slotted posts (Jakposts). Traditional picket fencing is great for slopes and uneven terrains because the individual pales can be arranged in a way that creates an even gradient, which aesthetically looks very appealing.

Picket fencing is a great investment. It can also be used for other purposes, such as creating pet enclosures or charming pub gardens. Take a look at our customer projects and photos for inspiration.



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