Timber fence panels are one of the most popular forms of garden fencing. Timber panel fences help to divide properties and gardens. Timber garden panels are more economical than metal fences. They also allow for creativity with colour and design, in all different shapes and designs, from simple wooden slat fence to picket styles.

Timber panel fencing is made from treated softwoods like pine or spruce which outdoor conditions such as rain, snow etc. will not affect it over time as they would treated hardwood like cedar or Douglas Fir (although these materials can be used). It has a natural wood finish that allows you to stain it any colour you choose if desired for an even more aesthetic appeal. Wooden panels have become increasingly popular the last few years as they have proven to be an economical way of creating a barrier around your garden.

Wooden fences are usually used in gardens but can also be used in other outdoor spaces like patios and balconies. Wooden fencing is often manufactured from softwood, which is more susceptible to damage by insects and fungi than hardwoods such as oak or ash, so you should choose panels that are pressure treated with preservative chemicals for protection against rot (this will also prolong the structural integrity). You may wish to consider using trenails or screws when assembling the fence panels instead of nails as these will prove more durable over time. Wooden garden panel fencing can make great use of your garden space and add quality appearance while keeping children and pets contained inside the property; not to mention that they are cheaper than metal fencing.



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